From our clients:

Stop Smoking

“I am doing great. In fact, I am really amazed at how well I am doing. I haven’t had one cigarette in three months. I don’t even want one.”

Mike P.,  Pittsburgh, PA


Weight Loss and Emotional Eating

“I am feeling so good. I have lost 27 pounds and I don’t even crave sugar. When you first told me that I could eat less and feel full, I didn’t believe it, but it’s true. And it’s been so easy. Thank you, Alicia!

Janelle S.,   Cheswick, PA


Fear of Flying

Just wanted to let you know that my flight to Houston went great. The breathing technique you taught me really helped. I was relaxed during takeoff and the entire flight. I can’t believe it.

Rachel P.,  Pittsburgh, PA


Hair Pulling

This lifelong habit was making me crazy. I can’t believe I was able to stop after just five sessions. Thank you for helping me. Hypnosis really is life-changing.

Loretta P., Gibsonia, PA