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Alicia Gismondi, CH, MS Ed

Alicia Gismondi is a Certified Hypnotist who is committed to helping you become your best self through hypnosis.  She will work with you to set personal goals, support you through the process of hypnosis, and monitor your progress to make sure you are on track to achieve the positive change you desire.

Alicia knows firsthand the power of hypnosis. Through hypnosis, Alicia has been able to lose weight successfully after years of struggling unsuccessfully with one diet after another.  Hypnosis has enabled Alicia to identify the root causes of her inability to lose weight, and to overcome her own resistance to positive change.  She is amazed at the ease with which she is now losing weight,  and is on her way to becoming the slim, active woman that has always been inside of her. 

Alicia’s journey has made her passionate about helping others overcome their own difficulties with issues such as weight loss, smoking, public speaking, fears, and phobias. She says, “Hypnosis can help you to unlock the power of your own mind, and easily make positive, permanent changes.” 

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